Settings Button

The "Settings" button, in the toolbar, opens the "Settings Pane", were you can configure and customize CKFinder. Here is a screenshot of it:

All settings are automatically saved by using browser "cookies". Cookies are small files containing private configuration information for specific web sites.

To close the Settings Pane, just click in the "Close" button, or click "Settings" again in the toolbar.

Configuration Options

All configuration options are related to the Files Pane. They are used to control how to display information in that pane. The Files Pane will react immediately to changes in the Settings Pane.


Controls the view mode in the Files Pane:


Sets the amount of information available in the Files Pane. To exemplify, here is the thumbnail box when you have no options selected for Display, until having all options selected:


Controls the order in which the files will be listed. If can be alphabetically by file name, by date of creation of the file with newer files first, or even by file size.