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Publié le 04-07-2018 09:55

Ok we are a VDI shop running Vmware view 6.0 on ESXi 5.5. We have about 110 desktops running mostly Windows 8 with some running XP till I get a chance to move them to 8. We are not running linked clones they are all Full desktops assigned to each use.
We got hit by cryptowall 3.0 twice now... backups worked and the 2nd time we used previous file versions inside windows 2012 on our file server.
In the VDI space we are all told to run the antivirus appliance from Vendor X in our Sophos. And not to even install the agents or run the virus scanner resident in the users computer.
In both cases the user went to a website that was exploited and the user got Cryptowall, I think it just ran on the users computer so nothing was downloaded just ran and stayed in memory and started to encrypt local files then moved on to the mapped drives and also started to encrypt files. Even though we have active antivirus running on the file server. I assume the Sophos could not really tell the files being encrypted was malicious it could of just been an end user encrypting files...
We are using a Dell Sonicwall 5000 which also did not detect the http stream and looking at the website I dont think anything was being sent over HTTPS.
What is the solution to this mess???? Seems like we need to be running AV on the desktops just like old times to prevent this type of attack or are we all suffering from this issue?

Please help.

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